Iredell County Music For You to Enjoy

Well, I promised some extra content from the Iredell Arts Council’s April Local Artist Spotlight. I actually wrote a whole post and somehow it disappeared. Poof! I tried to recover, and others at WordPress tried too, but it is gone forever. Don’t you hate when that happens?

John Kopplemeyer, Executive Director of the Iredell Arts Council

Anyway, it was one of my favorite concerts in a long time. I wrote about it here.

Sydney Lett, Chasing Phoenix (Suzanne Phoenix and Ronnie Williams), Tonya Wood, two-fifths of The Broad Pickups (Brice Reese and Coite Gillion) and Bryan Olson – if you don’t know them, put them on your list of performers to look out for.

Tonya Wood

I say all the time we have talent here that matches anywhere. They’re playing in local bars and restaurants all over town. Get out and support them and throw some tips in their jar!

I’m having issues posting videos. It’s OK, though. You can catch the whole show on the Arts Council’s YouTube channel. Isn’t technology wondeful?

Brice Reese and Coite Gillion

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