Whew! So Much to Share From Iredell County This Week

I’ve been running all over the place lately, between trying to get my house ready to sell (nope, not there yet – but close!) and trying to keep writing. I’ve done a few poems on Medium (it’s National Poetry Month, after all) but they have been due to friends and prompts.

I have written on News Break about a few things, but I have neglected you guys. But you always get the bonus media, so here it comes.

Trips to the tulip farm (they’re actually an everything farm) and the Amish store were bright spots this week. Enjoy my articles, but mostly enjoy the extra pictures. Then there was a reception for a local artist, so a bit about his work. Coming in my next post will be some incredible musicians. Truly, the talent around me is never-ending.

Here are the articles. Enjoy the extra pics.

The Howard Family Farm at Tulip Time

All year long this is a great place to go
So that’s what’s in there
So many varieties
Reminds me of beautiful dresses
And this is what I picked. Pictures don’t do them justice. I went for the big ones and opened up they were amazing.
My mom, with her tulips

The Ashley Stovall Art Exhibit

Color and Character
I love her eyes
Powerful messaging
Ashley Stovall, Art Teacher and Artist

A Trip to the Amish Store

It used to be a tiny little place. The expansion is fabulous. Big, but not too big.
Oh, the varieties are endless. This, and an aisle of about anything you can think of pickled.
More my speed. Food ready to heat and serve.
Oh, the baked goods!
Need an Amish hat?
If I were actually going to cook in the near future…
Couldn’t even get all the candy in one shot. It’s everywhere!
Take your own order

I’ll end with a fun little story. I went to high school in the northern part of our county and had (have) a lot of friends from there. There are a lot of characters. Headed to the Amish store I was stopped at a stop sign. An older gentleman rolled by in the other direction and just stopped his car and just looked at me. You hear all the warnings being a woman alone. What should I do?

I finally rolled down my window. What if he was lost and needed directions? He rolled down his, too, and said “How are you doing.”

“Pretty good.”

“Are you more pretty or good?”

Depends on the day.”

OK, this exchange would creep some people out but I liked seeing the guy get his flirt on! I wished him a good day and drove away laughing,

That’s Iredell County life! Stay tuned later for some amazing music.

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