Happy Easter Weekend 2021

It hasn’t seemed like an overly busy weekend, but when I thought back, yes, it has been. I have been plagued with migraines lately, so it was a nice change to wake up Easter morning feeling refreshed.

For Easter my church, Grace Baptist Church in Statesville, NC, had a sunrise service and then had a fun Easter parade for some special friends who are unable to get out and about. There also was a sermon on YouTube. I put together a little video of the day. Sorry for the pictures of backsides, people. 😂 I had major camera issues all weekend.

Grace Baptist Church – Statesville, NC

Friday night Lisa McBroom and I went to the Red Buffalo and saw a bit of Eli Yacinthe and his band. The ambiance there is great, but it’s not a place to take a video. People can’t be still there. I guess there are worse things when a band is playing. So here’s a pic and a blip of video before I gave up.

Eli Yacinthe Band

And then there were Easter goodies from Keith Rhyne and the Sharpe House. How’s this for delivery to my car in style? Handsome and polite young men are always welcome, especially when they’re handing me beautiful and tasty treats. (Teas begin again just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, May 8.)

I got my first COVID vaccine Saturday. Wherever you are, you might find equal, but not better run clinics than we have here. Iredell Memorial Hospital has done an amazing job with their clinics. I drove right up, showed proof of my appointment, they verified it was my first dose, and shot me right up. I didn’t feel a thing. I waited to make sure there was no reaction and I was on my way, never leaving my car, or my podcast. Thanks so much to those who make this and other clinics around the country happen. (And a little soreness when I tried to sleep in it, but no other side effects.)

I didn’t get any pictures, but our church also delivered Meals on Wheels on Good Friday to give the regular volunteers a break. Every time I do it, I have a blast.

One lady offered me coloring pages. I didn’t take them – while I can’t color in the lines, she was amazing. They were better left in her hands. She was the mother of kids I went to school with. It’s good to know so many in our community are getting a nice meal delivered to them all week long. by this great organization, Thanks to the regular volunteers who make that happen!

Oh, and thanks to my sister Deryn for the delicious Easter lunch she fixed for me and my mom today. For those with an understanding of my family’s obsession, she served Cadbury’s Crunchie Bars for dessert!

Wishing you, wherever you are, the breath of fresh air that is the resurrection of Easter. It’s a reminder to renew, refresh, and revive our hearts, souls, and minds. Throw off the old things weighing you down, and keep moving!

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