I figured the wall of ice was a good image for my life lately. COVID certainly grounded me for a bit.

But the good news is I have had a very easy time with the COVID. The only way I can describe it is respiratory symptoms while feeling really good. Normally respiratory infections kick my butt, but this hasn’t.

As my sister said, it’s as though the vaccinations knew exactly what my body needed. I admit people not getting vaccinated does bother me, but I also understand the fears after hearing the reasons. The idea of dying from COVID bothered me more than any fear of the vaccination.

It’s all about experience, too. I have known people who have died from COVID, but no one from the vaccination. Yes, we may not have any idea of all of the long term effects, but some of my unvaccinated friends who have has COVID now suffer from things like kidney and heart issues and chronic fatigue that they don’t know will ever go away. I’ll take my odds with the vaccine.

But isolation – ugh. I know being a strong introvert it is easier for me than others. Still, I’m a rebel and knowing I can’t go out is difficult, I’m beyond the 5-day isolation and well into the five days of masking in public (which I was doing, other than in restaurants and bars.) I’ll still be careful masking and won’t eat out for a while.

I also had to let my sister take over showing our mom’s condo. I had been trying to do those showings, but certainly you don’t want someone to get COVID as a result.

Good news there, though. We do have an acceptable offer and if all goes well it will be sold by the end of February. We’ve done it with no agent and so far that has worked well for us.

I did get a few people who thought our asking price was too high – probably thinking I just pulled the amount out of the air. Nope. My sister and I did our homework and priced what we thought it was worth based on comps and other data. I was confident it was priced well. Another unit represented by an agent showed a low asking price, People tried to use this to get us to lower our price. Agents right now love the bidding wars. It is a good way to drive the price up. Not us.

We didn’t care about game playing. We are fiduciaries for our mom. We have to look at “just the facts”. A written cash offer in hand is worth more than a promise.

Oh – one more word about buying real estate (or anything). Don’t act condescending. It makes a person think you are going to be difficult to work with, and who needs that? Plus – some of us don’t like our intelligence under-estimated.

But back to COVID. I posted something on Facebook telling people I had it. I hadn’t been around a lot of people in the couple of days prior, and had been masked with a KN95 and/or distanced with everyone, but I tell my stuff. Too many people hide the fact they have COVID or don’t feel it is the business of others. I am not ashamed to have had it, even knowing I probably got it out to eat with an asymptotic friend (who had been exposed, but mentioned it an hour into dinner.)

During the time I was isolated, a friend lost her brother to COVID. He was younger than me. When people are dealing with family or friends hospitalized from COVID, it is not the time to ask “Were they vaccinated?” It’s none of your business. If they want to share that, fine. But the only purpose to ask that question at that time is to prove a point at the expense of their grief. Just don’t.

I’ve had my share of people questioning my safety practices since I got COVID. Actually since the start of the pandemic, especially since I have been out and taken pictures and on occasion people were not masked (often for the pictures.)

I’ve read more about COVID than the average person and had thought through my own plan to deal with the pandemic. It’s probably not the same as yours and doesn’t have to be.

I am more careful than the average person in my area, but less careful than others. I have gone out to bars and restaurants since they re-opened, though if they are too crowded I am apt to leave. I attend concerts and other entertainment. I have gone on a two-week cruise.

Travel is one of my favorite things and contrary to what many say, the cruise lines are doing a good job. I felt more comfortable on the cruise ship than home. I’ll be traveling again soon. Especially now I have antibodies to go with my vaccination and booster.

For this introvert who lives by myself, people time is important so I don’t get too cozy being alone. I don’t want to be a hermit. I could be quite easily.

I’d describe my COVID safety as wary but not perfect. I’ve lived a full life through it all, knowing there was some risk. I’d do it all again. I think I have been wise. Other than my current weight, I had no risk factors. I masked before almost anyone in my area did, double masking on occasion. At all times I took other people into consideration, especially if inside. Yes, that may have been me actively avoiding you in public, especially if you were unmasked. Outdoors I often don’t mask.

But once again, not really anyone’s business unless you think I put you at risk. I didn’t get COVID because I was overly careless. I also don’t blame anyone.

While I have an idea how I got it, you never really know. The person I suspect I got it from did not intend to pass it to me. Sickness happens. Some of my friends are still going nowhere. That’s not how I live life. I have not hated this time of life, even with the self-imposed restrictions.

Oh, my PCR test results. I didn’t get them from CVS, where I got my test, Oh, I got a text my results were in and tried all last weekend to get them. Note this was the second time I was tested there and already had a health record set up. There was no way to connect to that. They asked for my date of birth, my phone number (which we know was right since they texted me) and my name. No other data. I know those answers 🙄 and had reviewed their paperwork to make sure all was correct. Nope, no results and phone hell. No humans to talk with who could help me get the results (I even had my confirmation number from my test.)

I finally was notified by text from the NC Department of Health and Human Services that I was positive, or I still would not know. There has been no followup from CVS or Minute Clinic, despite filling out surveys and having two “real people” conversations. My friend had issues from hers before we went on our cruise (causing her to have to find a clinic open on a late Saturday afternoon and pay for rapid test.)

Do you know how much I hate inadequate customer service? Anyway, keep in mind if you get a test. I suggest a rapid if it works. Or order some free testing kits if in the US. I’ve ordered mine.

Thanks for your kind support. Be well!

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