How my blog began

It’s been ten years. Ten years since I started a little Facebook exercise that led to this blog and so many amazing writing opportunities. Ten years in which I made so many great friends, many of them writers.

In February of that year two friends who had never met or even known of the other, one local to me and one a Canadian, told me I needed to write more. The Canadian was an amazing writer with a colorful career who blogged about it. The friend said what I wrote meant a lot to her, and in March she was missing it. They spurred me into blogging.

So in honor of that time, here is my first post from Facebook. It all still rings true. We’ve gone through a lot since that time – losing my dad after a long hospital stint, dealing with my mom’s depression afterward and her subsequent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s which escalated to the point we had to put her in a memory care facility. It was her birthday rhis weekend and that’s her in the picture above with one of my sisters and brothers.

My family is quite awesome, but many are not. If you are not as lucky as me, choose your own family. Find those who will love you “even though”. Perfection should not be required, but wanting the best for you is.

From February 1, 2012

OK…..I am going to join my niece Sara Johnson and celebrate “Love Month” naming things or people I love every day. So day 1….I love the family I was born into. Knowing them all my life, I can assure you there is not a perfect one in the lot…..but still they make me smile. I love that in a family of strong opinions, we respect that we each have the ability to make our own choices and our own mistakes. And I love that I like them all….most of the time…..and know that in good times and in bad, they are there. And I love that if I am ever doing something that hurts someone else, or myself, they would not tell me I am doing the right thing….but still they would love me!

Have a great week.


  1. Oh wow, it’s been a decade already? Awesome stuff, and it’s amazing what little steps can do for your future, huh? Wishing you all the best in your blogging journey, and may you have many more decades to come!

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    1. Em, I’m not a structure fan (though I do love a process) and doing a.full month of posts is difficult for me But I love challenging myself that way, too. I’m not doing it this year, though will probably repost some of these from 10 years ago on Facebook. I need to pick a topic for another month. Though 28 days is better than 31!

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