A Little Time at the Beach

I just got back from a few days at the beach in SC with two of my girlfriends, Janie and Debbie. What a relaxing time. We spent most of our time at Janie’s gorgeous condo. It had a huge balcony, overlooking the ocean. It was glorious. I do believe this may be one of the best times of the year to be there.

In fact, all of our time there was special. We slept late, fixed simple meals (OK, my friends did. I mostly read!) and had no pressure to do anything. We did beach walks and lounged in the heated indoor pool. We even watched thunderstorms over the ocean.

For our friend Amanda, we visited the angel at Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach, SC (all blog photos taken by me)

We also watched the NCAA Final Four. Most know I’m a UNC alumni, who has been a Tar Heel fan since I decided to go there in 1978.

Prior to that I will admit I cheered for NC State. It was the David Thompson years and some of the most exciting college basketball of my life.

But funnily enough, when I went to UNC things turned their way. We won the National Championship my senior year, in 1982. One of my best memories ever.

Yes, those were the Michael Jordan years and they kept our hearts racing. I always want current UNC students to get their version of that memory.

While this year it was not meant to be, we did get to say a tender goodbye to Coach Krzyzewski, who I respect tremendously. My dad taught me the first loyalty has to be to good basketball, and Coach K definitely produced that in his years.

My beach buddies, Janie and Debbie

The final game was full if turnovers for both teams, and was a rollercoaster. First Kansas dominated, then Carolina, then Kansas came back from the greatest halftime deficit ever to win the game. But it was only a 3-point win.

While I hate it for my Tar Heels, they hung in there and kept it exciting. Hubert Davis became one of the best first year coaches of all time, and we look forward to coming years.

As I said, I love good basketball and that was an exciting game to watch.

Driving home I stopped in Wadesboro, NC for lunch. I love public art, murals and such, and found a few pretties. And I had a great lunch at a place called Oliver’s. I’ll do a review in NewsBreak this weekend.

I think my cousin and I have decided I’ll go to Wales in the fall (I’ll be staying with her and she has a busy year ahead), probably November, so that means I need to plan another vacation or so before then. It’s so fun to ponder where to go next. I’m looking for a place that’s safe for older single women, and won’t break the bank. I could end up anywhere, but feel free to comment with your thoughts.

I’m trying to write more, so check me out on NewsBreak and Medium.

But I will also be doing my taxes, because I haven’t started yet. I am such a procrastinator! Gathering the paperwork takes the time. Doing the taxes should be easy. I hope!

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