Happy First Birthday to Blaine

My great-nephew turns one today. Life must have been so boring without him, yet we didn’t even realize it.

He laughs with his whole body and is a cuddler. He’ll be going full force, but will lay his head on your shoulder and he is out!

You can already see his mind going when it comes to anything that has parts. He loves to put them together. His parents both have sharp and inquisitive minds, so that is not a surprise.

At his birthday party Sunday, when the cake was put in front of him, he dove right in. He thoroughly enjoyed demolishing it, but also was willing to share. Most said “No, thank you”.

He’s usually a happy boy, but cries if “his people” leave. That lasts about 30 seconds, then he’s ready to play again.

He loves YouTube videos and that is how I distract him. And get him asleep. No, we don’t play kiddie songs. He likes what I like. Or accepts it.

Anyway, here is a little video I did of his birthday. I suspect his message will be “Attack life full force – and eat a little cake.”

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