That Dang Body Fat Percentage

As I type this I am cringing, but I believe there are some things you must be willing to admit if you’re going to be open about aspects of your life. One of those areas I am being open about is my weight loss journey.

I’m trying to avoid the scale, because that number has done nothing to help me over the years. I have agreed to step on it once a month on body measurement day, because it is necessary for the body fat calculation.

The body fat calculation does matter to me. Mine has never been good, but it also was never horrible either. Well, at least in my eyes. I am not a perfectionist and average is not a word that makes me cringe. I’d say my body fat percentage has been above average for most of my adult life. Just never this far above average.

When we did the first calculation we got a weird message. OK, first of all my nutritionist had to look it up. Never a good thing. I thought for sure the instrument was broken. No such luck. The message meant it was off the charts – it was over 50..

For those not familiar, generally anything over 32 is obese and unhealthy for women and over 25 for men.

Humiliation doesn’t even begin to cover it. More importantly, I saw my level marked on a chart as “dangerously high”.

This week we finally got a real number. I’m on the scale! Yes, it’s still dangerously high but is also headed down. That makes me happy. Now we can really start to track the countdown.

Every measurement except for my arms is going down. Visits to the Rec Center I have joined should get my arms to firm up.

I indulged a little but this weekend. Once was when I went to a bakery and decided to write a story on it. Can you write a story on a bakery without eating something? I thought it would be rude. I had a macaron that was delicious. Now I can recommend them to others, right? (Look for the story soon on NewsBreak.)

The next day was my great nephew’s birthday party. Yeah, went a bit astray there, too.

As I thought back, though, I by no means over-ate any of the things others would call “bad”. (I hate that term, but it certainly allows people to know what you are talking about.) I tasted and nibbled, and stopped myself before it was excessive.

We have to face our reality before we can change. This is my current reality. Oh, I can tell you how healthy I am – because I really am quite fortunate when it comes to my health. But the little things wrong with me? Things like plantar’s fasciitis? Arthritis in my back and knees? Chances are they’re worse because of my weight. Ifvthey’re not now with time they will be.

Weight is not dropping off me as it has other people I know. That has discouraged me. I feel I am doing so well with my plan.

Funnily enough when we looked at my calories last week (I’d tracked on My Fitness Pal), I’m undercutting them. Fewer calories is not necessarily a good thing. My nutritionist has told me to make sure I am putting dressing on my salads or eating other good fats, and focusing on my protein.

I’m keeping consistent with going to the pool, but also want to try some of the classes in the fitness center. I also need to schedule an orientation on the weight equipment. I’ve been getting through workouts on it, but want someone who knows something to make sure I’m doing it all right. That’s important to do from time to time. I think the more different things you try, the better,

I’ll keep plugging along. I feel good and my stamina is improving. Is my routine where I want it to be? No. I’ll keep trying to get into meal prep and drink more water. I’ll keep working on consistency,

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