Mother’s Day Isn’t Happy For All

It’s always made me a bit crazy when people act like all moms are good moms and have always loved their children.

I had a good mom. When she and my dad had children, they took the commitment seriously. I was always loved, protected, and cared for.

After college I worked in a children’s home for a year. There my idea of parents changed. My eyes were opened. I saw first-hand parents that abused their children and allowed others to abuse them. Still others were completely negligent.

I became very sensitive about The one-size-fits-all “mother love” definition and people who act as though all moms are worthy of honor.

I’ve also had issues with churches. I have many friends who will not go to church on Mother’s Day. It’s all that awesome mom talk. Some miss their moms, who have died. Some had bad moms. Some have lost children. Some have poor or non-existent relationships with their kids.

Some always wanted to be moms, but are not. I fall into that category, but have never been sensitive about it. Others suffer from it. While I didn’t get to have my own children, it was enough for me to be involved in the life of kids, such as my nieces and nephews.

My family has always celebrated me on Mother’s Day. My niece put a picture of me and two nieces and a nephew (along with one of my sisters) on Facebook today that said “Happy mother’s day, Kimmy!! You have treated us like we are your own and i appreciate you so much!! love you😘🤍 “

Yes, I can’t imagine loving them more.

But a really cool thing happened at church this morning, too. While mothers were mentioned in the prayer time, the sermon was not on motherhood.

At the end of the service, every person in the congregation received a flower from our children. They had tags on them “You help people feel cared for.”

When the kids at church were preparing and talking about the flowers, they talked about Mother’s Day not being a happy day for all.

So many people do not think about people who don’t fit a greeting card definition. Celebrate your moms as you can and as they deserve, but on a more global scale think compassionately of others.

My church did that by reinforcing we all help people feel cared for. We’re all here for nurturing. Looking around at all the faces in our church, I believe that is true.

Mother’s Day is a bit tough now with my mom having Alzheimer’s, but she had a good day today. She enjoyed herself. That’s our joy. She didn’t always remember it was Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t matter. She doesn’t nurture like she used to, but we remember and celebrate.

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