Yay for 501!

After I published my blog post yesterday, WordPress advised me it was my 500th blog post.

As I scroll through my posts, I see so much of my life written down. Deaths, births, joys, sorrows, laughter, tears, faith, life.

I see my writing style change. I see periods of time where writing was difficult, and times when it was easy.

I see me trying to figure certain things out and then realizing how it all eventually made sense.

I have celebrated my community and the places I traveled. I have shared artists I love and things Ihave done, both voluntarily and under duress.

I look back in time and realize how people come and go from our lives, sometimes so quickly our head spins. Then again they really never leave us. Especially those we love. Or those who cause us pain.

I remember disappointments – friends who proved not to be great friends, a job lost and the unemployment that followed. Heartbreaks that scar and others that prove to be some of the best things that ever happened to us.

I remember victories – doing hard things. Things I never dreamed I could do. Redefining how I saw myself.

I’ve met friends. Some of my fellow bloggers have made me weep with your honesty and struggles. How lucky I am to read your words.

I remember one in particular who I messaged back and forth with most of a night. A hurt soul. They were living with invisible scars. Deep gashes inflicted on them by those who should have loved them best. I don’t even know how we connected. I believe it was by a comment on another blogger’s site.

I can’t help but rage internally at parents who damage their children, instead of nurturing and loving and delighting in the gift that is them. Never having children, I can’t help but say “What’s the deal, God?”

This person still can’t escape the scars. The rage. I don’t understand them, but I would so love to take the pain and throw it far away so they can know only joy. I keep hoping and praying, and not in a nanny pamby way.

But others, I’ve seen photos of your travels that have me staring in awe and adding more places to my list of places I want to visit.

I’ve learned about subjects I haven’t personally discovered, like mental health issues (depression, bipolar disorder, etc.) and addiction, and illnesses such as cancer and sickle cell.

I’ve learned the similarities of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia and my own struggles with losing weight.

I have laughed and laughed at those of you, who like me, have no qualms sharing your embarrassing moments. Or maybe share them qualms fully intact.

These human connections are gifts.

What’s weird is that I have written this blog for just over 10 years and so much live has happened in all directions. From me to you to you to me.

So thank you. Those who read. Those who comment. Those who send private messages. Those who bring to my attention misspelled words or things that don’t make sense (usually because my ADHD mind ran off in another direction and forgot to finish a prior thought.) Those who share your hearts and opinions. Those who I’ll never meet and those who I get to go to lunch with (and those who move from one category to another.)

You have made this so much more than words typed out and forgotten. Friends, acquaintances, strangers. So many special people I get to interact with in this life. This weird www world.

And the folks at WordPress. While not perfect, so good and easy. I’m glad I moved my blog to you. This blog would be so different if I hadn’t. Plus you house other writers I never would know without your suggestions. They are gifts.

I celebrate the 500 blog posts and those to come. One thing I know – I continue to grow and change and I feel I am entering a most exciting time of life. I turn 62 in July and never thought I’d be doing anything other than working full-time at this age. But the journey has brought me to a place when I can work some, but play more. I have so many adventures planned.

I’ll write about them. Please join me – and tell your friends if anything particularly resonates with you.

I’m here. To listen, to learn, to celebrate. Breaking out of that box more each day. I hope you’re doing the same.

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