It Was a Beautiful Weekend

This was my favorite picture I took this weekend, out of a whole lot of photos. It seemed to fit my idea of what the Independence Day holiday should be.

I get discouraged sometimes. I feel as a country we’re missing the mark. I also know many, many Ameticams of all kinds of opinions I like and respect very much.

I spent the last few days with some awesome friends, who shared their beautiful mountain home, and their community’s celebration with me.

It was relaxing. It was fun. It was absolutely gorgeous in any direction you looked. I needed that kind of celebration this year to focus on America, the beautiful.

Their community in Burnsville, NC, has a small airport and their community celebration was held on the runway. There were food trucks of all kinds (everything was great), a bar area, and people dressed brilliantly in red, white, and blue. I wore black. But my white capris count, right?

They had a golf cart parade, with the golf carts decorated to the nines.

The people were all enjoyable. I loved the conversation with them.

But then there were the fireworks. Simply brilliant and ooooohhhh and aaaaahhhhh worthy.

The best way to share is in pictures, so here you go!

My friends Mike & Alice

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