It’s My Birthday Week!

It was my birthday on Tuesday and even though Jessica from “Jeweled Again by Jessica” had no clue, she sent me these beautiful hot air balloons made from repurposed jewelry. I absolutely love them.

Jessica’s blog is fun to follow. She lets me see possibilities for all of the jewelry I have that is either outdated or broken or out-of-date, but I can’t bear to throw away. She always has a new project she’s showing, most often a gift for those in her life or even people she has never met, like me.

I loved her most recent blog. Do you have issues with math or a child who it just doesn’t come naturally for? How about a child that is great at math, but unchallenged this summer? Do you like puzzles? She says her kind of art just may be for you.

Not only do I enjoy seeing Jessica’s projects, but she’s fun and chatty and the kind of person you feel is your friend from her first words. I’m glad I’m getting to know her. Enjoy her blog! Give her a follow.

Other than my beautiful gifts, this was a low key birthday. My friend Jan took me out for lunch – and yes I did eat good cake!

I have tons of friends who were born on the 18th, the day before my birthday. I talked to my friend Steve on his birthday after I texted him and after several exchanges he decided to call. A reminder hearing the voice of a friend is better than texting, even though my first instinct is to text. He’s a former co-worker who is one of my favorite people, so it was fun to finally catch up. We promised to talk again in a couple of weeks.

Then my college roommate and I texted on my birthday. It was good and a bit emotional at times, but another reminder from one of the besties from over the ages.

But other than that, I still am under this “20 minutes on my feet an hour” restriction. One week down, five to go. If all goes well (and it should.)

I go for my next post op on the 1st, where I will clarify driving does not count towards my 20 minutes. I am assuming it doesn’t. I’m hoping it doesn’t.

My goddaughter Shannon is pregnant with her first child and I want to see her very pregnant. I’m hoping I can drive down there for a visit. I’m invited to a virtual shower, which will be a blast because she has one of the most fun families, but it’s not the same.

Other than the driving thing, I’ve been very compliant overall. I had one night that had me whining on Facebook – the first night I had to wear the boot I’ve worn through every plantar fasciitis bout (hopefully retired when I have recuperated.) I put it on one leg one night, then the other the next.

That first night was so painful. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if it was because it was so soon after surgery. At 3:30 a.m. I couldn’t take it any more. I took it off and threw it on the floor.

But ever since it has been fine. I tend to put it on early (my bed being my go-to place these days) just in case it annoys me in the night. It’s starting to not bother me at all, I have the gift of being able to sleep in any position and without regard to anything else. Well, except heat. Hot weather and no air conditioning is torture to me. Luckily it’s been a while since that has been an issue.

I did my first online grocery shopping today. It took me forever to order, but it should be easier in the future since those products are all more easily accessible. They did mess up a couple of things. Laughing Cow cheese was on sale and I didn’t get it. The sale ended today. Are you crying with me?

Also they substituted my frozen blueberries for less berries/higher price. Thankfully I just eat them frozen and wasn’t getting them for a recipe.

Oh, and I got two cups of prepared grapefruit slices? No, I did not order them. Oh well, I do like grapefruit.

The weight loss is stalled, though both the gastroenterologist and his nurse (also a man) commented on my weight loss from a year ago. Health care professionals, if you’re going to make people get on the scale, comment if they have lost! Shut your mouth if they have gained (unless it impacts their health.) It was exactly what I weighed at the last visit with my nutritionist, which was discouraging, but I hadn’t gained.

And that’s my new dilemma. Continuing to get weight off through this recuperation process. I’ve got a few ideas. I’ll talk about them next time.


  1. Hi!!! This is just about the SWEETEST thing EVER!!!!!! Thank you for all those wonderful things you said! Smiling so big. I even read what you wrote out loud to my husband. I’m honored, really. 🙂 🙂 Especially the part about feel like a friend from the first words. That’s really awesome, thank you!

    How nice, that you got to catch up with some friends on your birthday. Happy to hear your feet are healing. Seems like, sometimes we have to do what feels right- boot coming off, if that’s what we feel is best at the moment. Hopefully you can drive and go to the baby shower. I’ve never done online grocery shopping. We are in a rural area- not even offered, ha ha. That’s funny about the Laughing Cow cheese. Hope you have a wonderful day! And, thank you again for your kind words and for linking my math post. That is incredibly kind. I’m happy you like your gift.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. I hope a few extra people looked at your blog as a result. And you are definitely someone that is a friend from the get-go – and not because you sent me pretty gifts!

      I’m in a relatively rural area, but Door Dash arrived during the pandemic. I’m amazed at the number of people who always get their groceries that way. I’m not organized enough, though I did quite well with my ordering (though I had read a nutrition article that reminded me I hadn’t ordered spinach or avocado, and both are on my usual list.)


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