The Hundred Mile Yard Sale – or Selling Mom’s Stuff

This weekend there is a 100-mile yard sale going between North Carolina and Virginia. We have tons of my mom’s stuff that we are selling.

Some would think it would be difficult to sell those memories, but we have all taken things we loved and are happy to pass the rest of the stuff on to people who will use it.

I may end up with a table for my kitchen that we planned to sell. I need a kitchen table and have never seen this one in my life, though my sister says it has been in the basement of the office of our family’s business for ages.

I’ll have to find chairs, but that part won’t be as bad. We just sold a set of six yesterday that would have worked (well, four would be the maximum I would need), but the family that bought them were so delightful that I’m glad they got them.

And that is the fun of yard sales. You remember most people are basically good and want them to walk away with a good deal.

We know we are selling everything cheap and even though we plan to put every penny we make into my mom’s bank account to care for her (for those that don’t know, our mom has Alzheimer’s and is in a memory care facility), we don’t expect to make a fortune. But we are happy everything will go to new homes and make people happy.

We are a family who loves a bargain and my mom was the chief bargain hunter. Many of her collectibles came from auctions and yard sales, so it seems fitting.

Still, we’re selling everything cheap. We’ve become queens of the dollar.

“How much is this?”

“A dollar.”

Like I said, we may not make much, but it will go to good homes.

I think, for example, of the two young pregnant girls (pregnant by two brothers). We didn’t have much for babies, but did have a baby monitor. My sister bought it when we were staying nights with mom.

They were thrilled to get it for $5. I was happy it would be used for this new sweet life. I then pointed them to where my nephew’s wife was set up and she had tons of baby stuff. I was thrilled to see, when I popped up to tell her something, they were buying a stack of baby items from her.

As many if you know, I am two weeks out from surgery for plantar’s fasciitis and am supposed to be on my feet no more than twenty minutes an hour. I really tried yesterday and my family did most of the legwork.

My sisiter’s best friend since high school, who by this time is a member of our family, spent much of the day helping us yesterday, She even made me put my feet up on a box.

Friends like Lori are treasures. My sister Deryn is a dynamo (I’m more of a turtle) and the heart of our family. Lori is always around to help. She went to my mom’s condo with Deryn several times to help pack things up. It always exhausted me, but the two of them together won’t quit.

Lori is an only child, but has a very close extended family in the area. Deryn is part of her family, as she is of ours. I guarantee Deryn is there every step of the way as she cares for her own parents, They are an amazing example of friendship.

Just show up for people. I think that’s probably the first indicator of a good friend.

But back to the yard sale. The weather looked bad mid-afternoon and Deryn tracked the radar. Between 3 and 4 we began a mad rush to get everything put under cover. Deryn’s children and husband were there, Lori was there, and I hobbled and did what I could. Others who were around, other vendors and friends, helped.

My sister finally looked at me and said “You need to get off your feet.”

When I didn’t do it immediately, she told me it was time for me to go home. I finally complied. I’m glad I did. This was the first day post-surgery my feet felt swollen. I went home and kept them elevated most of the night. They feel better this morning.

I wasn’t horribly out of compliance, but I guess I understand why the doctor kept stressing the word “maximum” and looking me straight in the eye.

Today I am not going for the full day. This morning I am going to a craft group at one of our local libraries. I signed up for it not knowing this was the sale weekend. Any other time I would have backed out, but knowing how my feet need to rest, this class will probably keep me seated. Then this afternoon and tomorrow I’ll be full on with the sale. From the chair.

When the sale is over, a local charity will come and pick up what is left. We’re glad to make that donation. Mom would have approved.

Here’s an article I wrote on the yard sale for NewsBreak. (I did more than sit in a chair!)

Have a great weekend. And get rid of some stuff. If you’re not going to use it, giving it up may make someone else’s day. Don’t hold in to too much just because it be linked to someone you loved. Take a picture and send it on its way to new life. You get to keep your memories.

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