This Week’s Medical Procedure – An Endoscopy With BRAVO

I think I have told you I have met my medical out-of-pocket for the year, so therefore I am getting all the medical procedures done this year.

After suffering from acid reflux for quite a while, I thought perhaps I better see a specialist for that. So I did.

The result was the need for an endoscopy with the addition of something called BRAVO.

Now I did agree to this, and knew he was inserting something that I believe checks acid levels at the same time. I didn’t realize I was going to have to wear a monitor that looks like a really thick cell phone for 48 hours, and “make notes”. I have to tell the machine when I eat and drink, lay down and recline, or have several symptoms -coughing, regurgitation, or heartburn. I doubt I’ll hit heartburn since I don’t recall having it, but have hit coughing and regurgitation once so far.

I have a long drawn out story that I have griped about on LinkedIn (since it is business related), but the short version is they called me at 8:40 to tell me to go earlier (my appointment was for 11), We got there about an hour later and I got called back at 10:40. Yep – only 20 minutes earlier than my appointment.

The procedure itself was a breeze. Think colonoscopy without the prep, though they scope into your throat when you are knocked out (with Propofol). The Nurse Anesthetist who administered it called it fairy dust. That fits.

They failed to tell me I have to eat soft foods for the 48 hours I’m wearing the monitor. Luckily I have enough I can eat without a grocery run.

The tiny device that they inserted will travel through my system at some point and I probably won’t even feel it pass. Right now I believe it is in my upper chest.

They say it can stay up to 20 days, but I still need to get an x-ray if I need an MRI in the next 30 days.

I’ve felt good, though a bit tired. It’s about 10 p.m. and I haven’t even napped yet. I suspect sleep will come soon. Gotta put my boot on my right foot tonight, I hope it’s the right, at least. I lose track and have to get the

I know there is more going on, but the land of nods calls.

Be safe.

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