On the Road Again

I’m doing in-person enrollment meetings in Laurinburg, NC right now. The past two years I worked in the call center, since employers didn’t want folks there when COVID was still interrupting most norms.

I was supposed to be in a call center again this year, but this client required counselors be vaccinated and one wasn’t. I got to take his place.

I was sent to work in corporate headquarters and did for one day. I talked to about five people that day. My partner only saw three. They have an option to meet with a counselor or not and most opt out. I believe most would benefit seeing us, but often people think they know best. I like to think I can help them use their benefits better.

The next day I was sent to a location two-and-a-half hours away. While there, they called and said they had added a location near Laurinburg, NC. Would I do it? Sure. Why not?

It was a good decision. It’s been a lot of fun. As with most things, the people have been amazing.

In between the time I went home for one night. My friend Marsha needed help doing a hot air balloon tether for a wedding and I had told her of course I would. I love weddings and had never done a tether at one.

The bride and groom were from New York, as were most guests. This was a destination wedding and they picked our small city. The wedding tether was a surprise for the guests from the bride and groom. Their wedding photographers were enthusiastic and I know their pictures were spectacular.

But the next day I did laundry, threw clothes for two seasons in the suitcase (it is NC in the fall) and got the road again.

It’s been so long since I have taken a business trip. This would not be the destination others would pick, but it’s a fun one for me. Not a ton if local restaurants, which I always seek out, but two great ones. One is a few steps away from my hotel.

This weekend I have tried to find things to do. Yesterday it was rainy, so I found a place I could get a pedicure. I hadn’t gotten one since my foot surgery and subsequent removal of ingrown tornails. It was a bit nerve-wracking going to strangers, but the young woman did an awesome job. My toes look normal again.

I drove around town a bit afterward and found a park with ducks. It was relaxing, even if I sat in the rain because of the rain. I decided to go back to the hotel, where I read and watched TV and took a nap.

Today I lounged around a while until a restaurant I had found opened for brunch. I was the first customer. No one else came in until I was almost ready to go. It was nice. I enjoyed having the restaurant to myself. I was actually shocked. Most of the local restaurants here are closed on Sunday, with some for the whole restaurant. I don’t quite understand the business strategy, so I guess it is about personal priorities.

After brunch I drove about 30 minutes to the Lumber River State Park. What a gorgeous place. The water is black, the trees beautiful. A comfortable place to hang out.

While hanging out there I found out a friend’s 27-year old son had died over a week ago and I was just finding out. We were just together at our local balloon festival and it must have happened that next week.

It was a helpless feeling to find out so late. I would have gone to the funeral in Georgia had I known, but it was about an hour before it was to happen when I found out. Instead I sat in that beautiful park and grieved for her family who I knew were missing her amazing son.

After the park, I headed out to the equestrian park at one of the local colleges. I had no idea this place even existed. I happened to get there in the midst of an equestrian match – my first. I enjoyed watching for a while.

Then I ran by a historic house in town. It appeared to be closed, but a small museum was open. Still, I wasn’t in the mood. I ran by WalMart and restocked protein bars. I stay behind working (I almost always go long), so catch up during lunch and eat a protein bar for lunch.

So now I’m back at the hotel where I will enjoy the evening and get back to working tomorrow. My schedule is booked into Friday. I love the work. This company in particular gives great benefits, so it’s fun to explain how.

What will happen after this gig? Who knows. Hopefully I’ll get to work a few more weeks and get to do another enrollment. I’d prefer to be out on the road, but time will tell.

Thanksgiving I leave to see family in Wales. All’s booked. I can’t wait to see my family and friends there. Until then, I will enjoy whatever comes!

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