My Nutritionist Quit – What Do I Do Now?

I’ve been traveling for work and out of my routine. It was in a rural area and I was very busy when I was in the office, so breakfast was typically a muffin and yogurt from the bag breakfast the hotel provided, then lunch a protein bar, then tried to eat a healthy dinner at night.

When I was away I found my nutritionist had left the practice she was working for and I was assigned a new nutritionist.

Looking at the rest of the year I expect my life to be a bit crazy. I’m not sure if I’ll have another job assignment – while I was originally told all enrollments would be done by Thanksgiving, I was told Friday they had work for me after Thanksgiving. I leave for Wales Thanksgiving day.

I have always eaten healthy, but struggle with consistency. Not consistency in eating healthy, but eating too much in restaurants and then at home not eating.

What I have read says 1200 is the magic number of calories women need and going below that you won’t keep your metabolism to a level where you can loose weight in a healthy manner. My nutritionist gave me a plan that has between 1400-1600 calories. I’ve followed the program well, but it has been about ten months and my weight loss is negligible (8-11 lbs.)

Instead of continuing that program with another dietician, I think I’m going to try other things. I know a lot about nutrition and think I can continue on my own without those appointments that often had me frustrated at the lack of weight loss.

My feet are feeling better so I hope to begin hiking and walking again soon. First come new shoes. I’m a believer that every year or so you get professionally fit, so that’s on my agenda for the week if I don’t get more work I’d prefer the work, but you go with the flow! I’ll explore work possibilities on Monday and if there are none, I’ll be writing more and get those personal errands done.

I’m loving fall and have captured a few photos to share. Most were shot out car windows!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never had shoes professionally fitted. That sounds smart. I normally guess. Sometimes that works. Sometimes not, ha ha. Not too long until your trip! Getting excited? Happy to hear your feet are doing well. How long until yoy do the Camino?

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    1. Trip to Wales begins Ghanksgiving Day. I think I’ll do the Camino in April and May. Trying to decide if I go before Easter or after. Evidently the cities fill up then, so lodging will be hard to come by, but seeing the festivities in the small towns sound like an experience, too.

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    2. And if you walk, run, or hike a lot having shoes professionally fitted makes all the difference. When I bought my last hiking boots the fitting took about two hours, but I never even had to break them in. Unfortunately my feet seem to change a lot these days, so the thought of walking 500+ miles means the shoes are the most important purchase. My podiatrist has suggested I take two pairs and I baled gecause of the weight but probably will do it. He may know more than me. 😉

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  2. 1200 calories is very low. There is no magic number for women. Women with more muscle mass eat more to maintain. A sustainable weight loss is usually about one to two pounds a month, so you’re doing grand. You’re making a lot of changes, and that’s hard.

    What a glorious tree 💖

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    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes, my body definitely needs more than 1200. My muscle mass is low now (after not working out well), but usually snaps back pretty quickly. Now my feet are feeling healed and possibly I’ll have to up my workouts.

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