It’s Good to Get Away

I’m in Newport, Wales visiting family for the first time since COVID. I hadn’t been here since November 2019.

I am staying with my cousin Kerry and just hanging out with her is worthy of a trip.

We don’t have to do much. I’m easily entertained. Going out for lattes (besides the numerous cups of coffee we drink at her house) and eating as much chocolate as possible, plus my favorite fish ‘n chips, is not necessarily part of my health plan but I have three years to make up for!

Kerry’s daughter Emily has made us quite a few delicious meals, too.

Kerry got me into “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here“ the first night I was here and I had strong opinions from the start. I’m glad Jill Scott, a former footballer, won – I’ve decided she is probably related to us. My mother’s maiden name is Scott, so it is possible. OK, maybenot probable but I’m claiming her.

I’ve also developed a great affection for former rugby player Mike Tindall, who is married to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara. He attacked the Cyclone challenge as if it was a rugby match. I wanted him to come in second, but alas he was 4th.

Rugby fascinates me, by the way. My cousin Nick and his wife Leah said we’ll go next time I visit. Hopefully when it’s a bit warmer.

I’m not sure how I feel about fallen MP Matt Hancock. OK, I kinda liked him, but I didn’t want him to win. I’m also OK if Mike’s run-in in the Cyclone with him was intentional. 😂

I was happy with Owen Warner as runner-up, who was amazing in eating everything in the gross food challenge. He was hysterical.

You probably have no clue what I am talking about, but I am sure it is on YouTube.

I’ve also been watching British soaps, which as my cousin Kerry says “I do believe this will end in tears.” Yes, I come to Wales to watch TV. And yes, I’ve been keeping up with the World Cup like I never do at home.

Today we went to the beach in Porthcawl and walked around this cute seaside town. They were looking for a missing man so we saw a lifeboat, a helicopter, and people earching on foot. We heard he was found, but nothing as to his condition.

I love my time here. I am always reminded where I get my sense of humor. It is different than both of my parents, but prevalent here. That means there is a lot of laughter.

I’m here until next Thursday, when Kerry and I take buses to London to see the ABBA show before I return home on Friday. I’ll hit the airport that day and she will return to Newport. We just may get a matinee in that day if the timing all works in our favor. I’m waiting to buy tickets just in case it doesn’t, but I can’t think of better day.

Oh, this sculpture made from knives is amazing. I’m so glad I got to see it – it was just here through November, so has probably moved on. But what a greaf way to get into discussions about knife vi9lence, which us a bigger issue here than guns. I was in awe.

You can tell I’m loving my time here. It really does feel like home. I fon’t even want to think about leaving yet. So I won’t!

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