New Year’s Eve and I’m Comfy at Home

The firecrackers started at 8:30. I’m sure firecrackers and gunshots will be heard intermittently until after midnight.

Last night I went to see Tina – the Tina Turner Musical in Charlotte. What a fun show. I will say no one can beat the real Tina, but the cast was talented. Still Tina Turner is legendary for a reason – that passion and fire and powerful voice is not something easily duplicated.

The little girl who played young Tina, Ayvah Johnson, however, is such a star. What a powerful voice she has – and she is a complete pleasure to watch. She captured my attention any time she was on stage. Remember that name and my prediction. I hope she has both amazing experiences sharing her talent, but also a good and happy life.

This afternoon I watched a documentary about a writing friend and his partner about being stuck in Thailand for a year and a half during the pandemic. It was not only crammed with information about Thailand, but was so incredibly beautiful. I recommend you check out the video, Time Out in Thailand, available on Amazon.

I stole this from my friend Mike’s Facebook page. I doubt he will come after me.

I’m at home alone. I’m not big on parties and New Year’s Eve parties are the worse for me. I decided a while back that while I will never be a hermit, some social “obligations” are not necessary.

But it’s nice. One of my Welsh cousins, who now lives in Germany, started including me on his family texts last New Year’s Eve and I have already had greetings from him and many members of that side of my family. (We’re in different years at the moment. Isn’t that a wonder?)

When I say “cousin”, he is the son of some of my mom’s cousins. I have become close to that side of the family as an adult and it’s so great to have love and acceptance from them. They are certainly my people.

Are you making New Year’s resolutions? I don’t plan to, really, but I do plan to recommit to eating well and moving more strategically, getting in better shape to tackle the Camino de Santiago in the spring. I know what to do – I just need to get in gear. New shoes have been bought to hike in and it’s time to put some miles on them.

I want more travel and more fun experiences in my life for the new year, but that’s nothing new.

I plan to visit the NC musician murals as an ongoing series for NewsBreak. Not only are they gorgeous, but I learn more about some of the great talent that has come out of North Carolina. You know I believe we grow especially amazing talent here. Follow me on NewsBreak if you want to learn more about these murals. I hope to visit another one next week.

I’m a huge lover of blessings and benedictions. Just for fun I’ll try to come up with one of my own for you on this eve of 2023.

May joyful laughter enter every room as you do, and linger as you leave;

May your purpose be your passion, and may it burn until the earth is warmed by it;

May you hear the whisper of God and may it make you love purely and selflessly;

As you also recognize your great worth, respect yourself as the cherished soul you are, and live in peace.

And to paraphrase an old blessing (I think Irish) because I’m too lazy to look it up, may the best day of your past be the worst day of your future! Happy New Year!

My family’s Christmas present – chocolate and sugar mice from the U.K. (we are chocolate snobs and the sugar mice used to be part of our parcels from our Nana and Grandsha each year, and are hard to find now.)


  1. Hi. Wow, that’s a cool mural. It would be fun to know how to paint something like that. Sounds like a nice New Year’s Eve. I am at my dad’s and we got to have Christmas last night- it got postponed a week because of winter weather. Love being here. I used to make a million resolutions, but I am going to skip that. Settling into authentic sounds like a better option to me. Hope you are having a great Sunday.

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    1. It has been a nice, relaxing day. Glad you enjoyed the family Christmas.

      The murals are phenomenal. The guy who painted them started out painting their pictures for a pizza restaurant, but then when the pizza parlor closed he got the idea of do murals. We have decent arts funding here that has backed him. He says now painting small scale is hard for him. The first I saw wasn’t completely done when I spotted it in a small town on my way home from the beach. Still it mesmerized me. I found a parking space nearby and just stared for a while. It’s done now (I went back through there not too long ago.)


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