Life is Too Busy Right Now

It’s been busy lately, and I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I know how to say no. I’m typically quite good at discerning what to say “no” to and when to say “yes”. But when so many cool things are presented to you, a big fat “yes” seems to be the answer.

I’m not really regretting saying “yes” so often, but it does come at a price. I’ve been exhausted.

Luckily I know that you must find time to rest, even if it makes life a bit crazier later, so I have given myself this time. I gave myself some of that time this weekend, so that means energy is in gear this week. Yeah, funny that I am blogging on the day I have so much to do but that is typical for me.

So much fun stuff has been happening, though. I wish I could catch you up on it all, but no time for that now.

One thing, though, is our city of Statesville hosted a group called Main Street NC (I think I have that right) for their annual meeting. For three days we had about 750 extra people in our downtown. These people were all from cities under 50,000 and they all have a passion for developing downtowns across our state, keeping in mind historical preservation as they do.

We have revitalized our downtown over the years and I am quite proud of it. It was fun seeing the enthusiasm visitors had for it.

I enjoyed talking to folks and have compiled a list of downtowns around the state I want to visit. It’s always fun to add to the travel list!

I also have seen a couple of theatre productions in town this week, by two different theater groups, that were excellent. O

ne was “Cabaret” – which has never been a favorite of mine, so I wasn’t overly excited about that one. But a group of my friends were going and I wanted to hang out with them. Plus I usher for this theater company when I can to support them, so signed up for that performance.

It was incredible. I actually “got it” this time. It’s fun to realize that either we change or performances can change your perception. We need to be willing to jump out of our box and challenge our perceptions.

The other performance was “The Sound of Music”. Two ladies I adore were in the show, along with one of their daughters. That always makes it more fun. But truly, the whole cast was amazing. Having kids who need to sing and act? They found them. It was a lovely night and once again I was amazed at the talent we have in Statesville.

OK, I have to get a few things done but one more thing I need to pass on. I read a great article on ADHD and the over-sensitivity that comes from it. I never connected the two. I am quite sensitive by nature and while now I can logic myself out of it, it always is the default emotion. This is interesting to ponder on.

And one more fun one I will share with you so you know some of why I haven’t written here much lately. When you are sick and you get an unwelcome visitor invading your home.

Have a great week – and say no a few times if you are overwhelmed.

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