A Little Oasis in Downtown Statesville

I’ve always loved the concept of public art and love the way our city both purchases and rents pieces so we can enjoy them. Such interesting artists make up the crew of sculptors who produced the art, and showcasing them is good for us all.

Here’s the article I wrote for News Break that showcases what’s in the park currently.


We need more public art! There is more in my community that I’ll be sharing, but this cool little park is a good start. We need these places and things to unwind and celebrate the beauty of creativity.


    1. It really is. It helps both the city and the artist. People can buy any of the pieces that are not permanent. There is a plaque with the artist’s name on it and the price. They just contact our rec department (all parks are under them.) I think usually they stay six months to a year, but COViD has prolonged some of the deals.

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