Reporting In On the Newer Me

I know! This is a weird picture to use when I’m updating on my battle (and for some of us it is a battle) to get in better shape. But it made sense to me.

I’d been getting discouraged, frankly. Not about everything. In fact, I feel good about everything overall because I know that I am living healthier, but the few times I have had to weigh the needle had not moved on the scales.

I have probably mentioned I am over the scale. It’s not been good to me in my life. Not in terms of reflecting reality, because I seldom run from reality, but it makes me feel like a prisoner to a number. So many people can weigh the same thing, but be at very different levels of health.

I want to be healthy. For me. I don’t care about hitting a number. But my providers want that number when I go for appointments, as does the Red Cross when I give platelets. I suspect they want to make sure I’m over 110 lbs. 😉 I can’t avoid it.

Anyway, today I had an appointment with my nutritionist and it was measurement day. The good news is I was down all over my body except in my arms (I keep meaning to do strength training!) My waist was three inches smaller.

But she wants me to step on a scale at least once a month so we can get a body fat percentage. The body fat percentage is not great. That’s all we’ll say about that now. Well, other than in time I suspect the number may be the most motivating.

I was really struggling to eat three meals a day plus two snacks. There are a lot of reasons for that, the biggest being I had gotten down to only eating twice a day before I started this. Anyway, she has me concentrating on the three balanced meals for now (the visual I really like is half my plate fruit and veggies, a quarter protein and a quarter good quality carbohydrates. Then some good fats thrown in.) Sometimes it’s still hard. I’m single. I don’t want to eat full meals, darn it! But I’m getting there.

I’ve been trying out a meal service. I’m not sure it will end up working out for me because the vegetable servings are too small and I am trying to avoid fixing anything but the meal itself.. Still, they have quite a bit of variety and all you have to do is cook them for about 20 minutes. Plus they have been good. I’ll tell you more if anyone is interested. Tomorrow is my delivery deal and I have two chicken and two salmon (one a repeat from last time) dishes coming. That will make food this week easier.

I’ve been back at water exercise. I’m mixing up the classes because they meet different needs for me. I’m doing water aerobics, a deep water class, and an arthritis class. What I do in a given week depends on my schedule.

I’m supposed to also walk a few times a week and do strength training. I like strength training. I have no clue why I have not been doing it. My physical therapist even went through a program with me for our last session. If I go there, though, (the hospital where I had PT has an exercise program where they teach the water classes and you can use the gym equipment in the physical therapy department in certain hours), I like getting in the water. Because of their PT schedule I have found also doing weight training difficult. But it is not impossible. I am going to get in gear and do it all. I’m trying to be kind to myself, though, because I am doing better than I was and life is so busy.

Ohhhhh….and since I typically walk by myself I did get mace to put on my key chain. You can’t be too careful.

And then there’s the walking. I typically love it, but even walking from my apartment to the car right now is flaring my allergies. I’m exhausted all of the time and getting headaches. But it’s perfect weather for me now. I want to get out there. I’ll be trying the antihistimes first to see if I can handle it with help.

But back to that community watch sign above I mentioned in the beginning of all this. It struck me that you guys are my community supporting me and making sure I watch myself. Thank you for that. I appreciate the encouragement some of you have offered. And those health bloggers who have started following, thank you especially. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from you!


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