Sometimes It’s A Struggle

Well, I did the Alzheimer’s walk Saturday and then spent time walking downtown where our local Pride celebration was going on.

My feet started hurting and I took refuge at my niece’s salon.

I had an appointment with my podiatrist/surgeon today and thought the scar tissue he was doing to break up where was the incisions were on the side of my foot. Nope. He said that’s just swelling and eventually they will go away.

The good new is no scar tissue on the bottom of my foot, where the fibers were cut.

I asked about whether the twinges I feel in my arch when I walk are “it’s healing” twinges or “get off your feet, Kim”. He said unfortunately it’s a sign I need to keep taking it easy. He said my walking Saturday was OK, but for now he’d rather see me on an exercise bike or a rower. So more gym visits, less outdoor walking.

And more medicine since I’m not a normal healer. As he so flattering described it “Six weeks was the top of the Bell curve. Some are A students and some are D.”

Yep, I’m a D. 🙄

I meet with my nutritionist tomorrow and it’s measurement time. I dread it. I’m simply not losing. Oh, overall I certainly have and I know I am eating well and drinking more water, but my strength training hasn’t been enough (I am doing some) and I still have a difficult time spacing out my eating.

I try not to be a people pleaser, but part of the frustration is my nutritionist is amazing and I feel as though I am a bad patient. I am mostly compliant, but not perfect.

If I were talking to a friend I would say “There are a lot of factors going on. You need to just stay on track.”

I am also seeing friends who started working on losing way after me and losing large amounts of weight.

So yeah, I’m kinda feeling sorry for myself and trying to make sure that doesn’t make me get out of control. I went to dinner with a friend last night and ate a big cheeseburger, homemade chips with ranch – oh, and a roll with honey butter. But I know that has not happened regularly and sometimes we mere mortals will blow it.

I don’t know, maybe even doing that on occasion is good so we remember we have freedom of choice in our eating and simply have to make good choices most of the time. One meal does not blow everything.

This is a time for working on my overall health and it’s been interesting learning more about my body. Since I rarely have issues, I rarely get a deep dive into some of what is going on with my body.

Remember when I had the endoscopy with something called BRAVO? I did get the results back and they indicated a lot of acid reflux and something called Barrett’s Esophagus, which means I have a slightly better chance of developing esophageal cancer than average, so more endoscopies are in my future (next one in 3 years. )

Anyway, he changed my medication and increased dosage and it seems to be helping. But gee, I hate taking medications twice a day!

So that’s the health report. Back to the podiatrist for an ingrown toenail Wednesday. When I say I am getting everything done since my out-of-pocket is met this year, I am serious! 😂 But they all all legitimate issues.

It reminds me you can be healthy on the surface but there’s a whole lot going on underneath. Thankfully my issues are easily handled.

So anyway, don’t put off taking care of your body. These little things of mine could have turned into big things. And because you eat a meal outside your plan or get off track on exercise, all you have to do us change the future.

Be well!


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