This Body Takes Work!

One thing I know for sure. When you let up on doing the healthy things for your body, it’s painful to get back in track!

Lately I feel totally wrapped up in my body. I’m still seeing the nutritionist and will until a year is up. The accountability is good for me. What I hate is feeling like I’m always going to the grocery store.

She has me on five meals a day, or rather three meals and two snacks. I was mostly eating two meals a day, so it feels exhausting to think about food that much. And I always seem to need something.

That’s one of the most interesting things. Not all of us who are fat eat a lot all the time. Sometimes we don’t eat enough. Then there is the issue I had when I just didn’t regulate things. I tend to eat pretty well at home. I just don’t buy a lot of trigger foods for me. Well, unless I go through a period when I think I “deserve” it. Then the ice cream arrives, and I cannot resist continually eating it until it is gone.

Restaurants are my trouble area and because I am single and living alone, a lot of my social life is based around food. I was most worried about this when I committed to lower the weight. I don’t eat bread at home much, but put me in a restaurant with hot and homemade and lots of butter and I am a goner. Or tortilla chips. Yes, I will eat them all, mindlessly.

So far I have successfully maneuvered through restaurant eating. My advice if you are trying to do the same? The salad is not always the best choice. I love good salads, but often I am starving not long after eating one. Many menus have calories on them. You’ll be surprised if you check them out.

I was at a restaurant this week and choosing between a grilled chicken sandwich and a salad full of fruits and veggies and nuts and goat cheese and avocado and topped with grilled chicken. That’s a salad that will hold me. The sandwich came with a side of homemade potato chips. The calorie counts were pretty even, though I don’t think the chips were in the calorie count for the sandwich (though I would have substituted). I ended up choosing the salad this time, but often I look for something else. Soups are a favorite for me. I have been to Mexican restaurants several times and I go for the chicken and avocado. They usually give you puco de gallo on the side. Dump that in the bowl and it us so good! I tend to like the healthier ones best, not those like a potato soup filled with cheese and bacon, so that works out well.

And speaking of potatoes, unless you eat your baked potatoes plain, often mashed are a better option. Those toppings pull up the calorie count. I’m glad sweet potatoes are on many menus now. I love all potatoes, but sweet potatoes always seem like a special treat. I’m baking up five or six at a time now in the oven (I prefer this to the microwave) and heat them for an easy carb for any meal. Eggs, sweet potato, and berries are one of my favorite breakfasts.

I had my first MRI this week. I plan to write about it on Medium soon, but it was an interesting experience. Unfortunately it did not tell us why my leg has been giving me so much of a problem for so long (upper right thigh hot, prickly and at times downright painful.)They thought it was a lower back/disc issue, but nothing showed up except arthritis and the early stages of degenerative disc disease. We’re going to keep talking about other options, but I am hoping just getting healthier, losing weight, and exercising regularly is going to do it. I do not plan for it to stay around much longer. We have a few other ideas for treatment I may try.

I took a little walk this weekend and spring is springing. I put my air/heat on neutral today. I have lots of allergies to the outside so my windows are always closed, so there are only a few weeks a year I get to keep heat and cooling off. Oh yes, I could do more but I like to be comfortable. Especially during heat.

Anyway, the flower pictures are from my walk. They don’t really go with what I’m talking about, but that happens sometimes with me. Enjoy this crazy weather time!

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!”

Sitting Bull


  1. Great to see back Kim been a minute

    Have you tried ACV ?

    Also doing intermediate fasting goes a long way

    I have come to realised from first hand experience I FUCKING HATE MRI’S like being inside a damn drum.

    It seems no matter how much I improve from sensitivity that machine rocks me on my ass last one I had wiped me out for 4 days.


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    1. Ohhhh! I hate that you react that way to MRIs. Mine wasn’t bad, but it was only about 15 minutes. I’ve become pretty good about calming my body, so it was more interesting for me than anything else. Still, not having a result that gives us an idea of anything else that can be done to stop all this is frustrating.

      I’m doing what the nutritionist tells me to do. It’s based on increasing my metabolism, which seems a good thing to do. It’s definitely manageable in my life, or almost so. It’s difficult to eat so often, but I am trying to get better at that.

      How are you doing? I hope all is well and your body and mind are healing.


      1. I am managing

        Getting back on my feet to a degree still have my days

        I lost my side kick as well so eerie quite without her I am crushed she was quite the character.

        FUCKING CANCER gone way too soon would’ve been 9 in April

        When she passed on that day like apart of me died and there is hole in my heart,

        I know she is no longer in pain and suffering

        luas dia I do thruas Dakota aka Chocolate Tank 😔☹

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      2. I am so sorry for your loss. Cancer has taken some of my loved ones, too, and it is a beast. There is a hole in your heart when someone you love dies, but I have also learned if you pay attention the love stays and comforts you. I also believe they send us signs. I am constantly looking for them.

        Glad your health is improving. I’m mad that I let mine go in some ways, but at least I have a good plan in place to recover. Thankfully I am healthy in most areas, so most is reversible if I work my plan.

        Wishing you much good, my friend. Don’t close your eyes as it comes your way. Reach out and grab it.

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  2. I love the early flowers of spring, though my purple crocuses are done. Love that magnolia! I’m sorry the mystery continues. Sometimes nerve pain can be mitigated by upping the dose of B vitamins 🙂
    I’m with you on the shock to the system on three meals and two snacks. It gets easier but yeah, in the early days it felt all-encompassing.

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    1. I’m like a detective when there is anything wrong with my body. I was disappointed with the MRI results, but then realized it rules out a lot. They didn’t check the nerves, so it could be related to that, but it could also be because it took them so long to approve that MRI and I’ve been undergoing treatment since December. I’ll get it sorted eventually!

      I love living amidst the seasons. Fall is my favorite, but yeah – spring flowers raise the spirit high.


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