That Road To A Better Me

So it’s been a few weeks since I started this new food plan, with the help of a dietician.

Overall I’d say that I’m doing well on the healthy eating front. The fruits and vegetables are disappearing from my fridge, instead of constantly being in a state of old and ready to throw out. Some of you can relate.

I’ve resumed making smoothies pretty regularly. When I do this I get a good amount of fruits and veggies in one glass. This morning’s (pictured) started with a base of baby kale. I had a couple if large handfuls left and just threw them in. I’m not a grocery-store kale fan as it is too bitter for me (though when it is fresh from Howard Family Farm it tastes completely different).Still about once a month I take a break from my favored spinach and get some.

This morning I also used carrots, one mandolin, a bit of frozen mango, and frozen mixed berries. I added water To get it to the consistency I prefer and blended. It was delicious and a great start for the day. I admit it’s a bit ugly but usually it’s prettier! You can add yogurt, milk, protein powder, or juice, but usually I just use water. (By the way. I believe my friend Carole gave me that glass for Christmas in 1983! Two still exist, which us amazing for this klutz.)

With this glass of goodness, I ate two eggs and a frozen (but toasted) Kodiak waffle (I eat it plain.) my breakfast needs to be hearty.

I’m supposed to be eating three meals and two snacks in a day, though am not quite in the swing of that yet. I had gotten in the habit of two meals a day and that’s hard to break. But it’s important. Isn’t it weird that often wright problem come because we aren’t eating enough food regularly?

Another favorite of mine is a frozen banana blended with milk and two teaspoons of almond butter. I usually throw in handfuls of spinach, too. Last night I wanted something good, so made a banana milkshake as part of my dinner. Just a frozen banana and milk (maybe a cup – probably a bit less.) So satisfying and yet right in line with my plan.

Exercise is a challenge. I am still doing physical therapy PT) for my leg/probable back problem. I think it is helping, but should soon be at point where they will let me have an MRI. If you recall, the insurance company previously denied it and one road to getting it was the PT. So weird to treat a potential back issue before you have diagnosed the issue, but thankfully I don’t think we are hurting it. It’s still an issue, though.

It costs me $45 a visit for PT (after my deductible is met), and the $90 is a heavy expense for me. I can do it, but they are helping he by letting he join their fitness program (only $25 a month) and supplement with water classes (with both me and the instructor being mindful of my back.) All if it therapy has been in water and I recommend it! We are fortunate to have a hospital with an indoor pool in their therapy department.

Other activities are more limited to me until my issues are better, but I am allowed to walk. I love walking. Why can’t I get myself in gear to do it? I committed to two times before my nutrition appointment on Tuesday, so I commit I will do it today.

Something interesting about me walking post COVID. While I had a very mild case, I get winded quicker. Another reason to do it, though.

My mom had a minor medical procedure this week and had to stay off her foot. She, of course, forgets immediately there is an issue so my sister Dana and I took shifts. She took Mom to get it done, took her to get lunch (drive-through) and got her settled in the room, I relieved her that afternoon (my COVID test they did was negative. 😂)

4Anyway, whole Mom slept for a while when I got there when she was awake we watched Hallmark movies. She was in good spirits. At least that day she put minimal pressure on the foot and she got her pain meds, When they had her almost ready for bed, I slipped out. But it was good to spend an extended period of time with her (visits have supposed to be limited to 30 minutes through COVID.)

I hope your week has been great. If not, plan for next week – let’s have a good end to February and get ready to March.

“My dream is to live a good life and be loving, be close to God and be a good human being and bring peace to people.”

Ziggy Marley


    1. No, it’s in addition to being out if shape. 😂 I think it’s important to know even a mild case of COVID can have some long term consequences. I’m very verbal with my providers, so they all know what’s going on with me. Great point, though. Some people would not relate the two.

      Hope things are going well with you, Em! I need to catch up with your blog!

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  1. It sounds so stupid they’re treating your back issue with PT before they’ve even properly diagnosed it. However, I’m glad it seems to be helping a little and at least not hurting more. Glad the food plan is going well too. The smoothie/milkshake with almond butter sounds delicious! Three meals and two snacks? I’d starve on that little! I really need three snacks a day at least.

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    1. I agree about the PT! I will try to get an MRI anyway, because I do want a diagnosis in case this happens again. went to the grocery store today and stocked up. I definitely have to go more frequently now. Thanks so much for your encouragement. 🌺

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